Spanish and Ottoman Empires

Topics: Colonialism, Philip II of Spain, Islam Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Topic: Spanish and Ottoman Empires

Beginning from when Sargon I of Akkad built the worlds first empire, many empires have since then been established and now hold a name that are both as eminent and momentous. Two of these such empire are the Spanish and the Ottoman Empires, which began to establish and expand around the time of 1450-1800. Although separate and located in different parts of the world, the Ottoman and Spanish Empires share many similarities, as well as many differences in their empire building process.

The Ottoman and the Spanish Empire were politically similar in their governing system, but different in the way that they distributed their policies. The Ottoman Empire, unlike the Spanish, had an empire based mainly on religion. Aside from that slight exception, both empires had a similar way of politics. Both leaders (king and sultan) had complete control, neither one had to appeal to any court or council to approve of any decisions or decrees made. The Spanish gave only those born in Spain governmental positions, while the Ottoman gave anyone who was Muslim and had qualifications, a chance at a government position. Both empires were constantly at war with neighboring countries. For example, Spain was constantly at war with England, France, and Portugal whilst the Ottoman Empire was constantly at war with other European nations. The Spanish practiced primogeniture, where only the first born of the king was given the right to become heir to the throne. The Ottoman, however, did not have a practice such as that and relatives would often deceive and fight against each other for the throne. The Spanish would also prosecute those of Jewish, Islamic, and Protestant faith. The reason for this was that they feared their empire would be taken over again by the Ottoman, or by another empire.

Socially, both the Spanish and the Ottoman Empire saw significant influence from their respective religions. However, the Spanish were more...
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