Spanish Colonialism

Topics: Colonialism, Spanish language, Christianity Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Spanish Colonialism
Spain is one of the most notorious nations for colonizing the Americas from the late 15th century to as late as the early 18th century. Spain had colonized a land area bigger than the country/continent Australia, counting the land they claimed in South America. Colonialism has been a big part in their history judging by the fact that they had ruled numerous other nations and developed trade for their own benefit. Spain has both negatively and positively influenced the economic, political, and cultural aspects of modern day nations and countries because of their lingering effects from colonialism.

As a result from Spain’s colonization of the Americas the economy has not been heavily influenced, other than the fact that most of these countries have been colonized for their resources that could have helped in today’s society, were resources are becoming limited worldwide. These resources probably would have brought in more revenue for these countries for exporting goods or for trade. Spain has prevented these nations from being able to develop into complex societies. They obviously did not foreshadow the future for these colonies.

They also did not realize that these countries would also adapt to their strict government. Most people are moving from South America because they abhor the political structure of these modern day countries. The rulers of these nations are thought to be unfit to rule, that they are unfair and cruel. This shows that the Spanish colonization of these modern day countries has not very much helped in their ways of politics. Certainly, Spain must have influenced some sort of beneficial aspect on these colonies because they deserve it.

On the bright side, Spain has influenced one important characteristic that brings all of these colonies together and that is the culture and religion of which they practice. Christianity has swept the Americas as one of the most practiced religions, at a staggering 36.8%( Regional...

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