“Spanish, English, and French Settlements”

Topics: Colonialism, Latin America, Americas Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: November 6, 2010
“Spanish, English, and French Settlements”

The French, Spanish, and English all tried to colonize the Western Hemisphere. The French colonization in America started in the 16th century, and continued through centuries as France created an empire in the Western Hemisphere. They founded most colonies in the east of the U.S.A, and many Caribbean islands. The English were one of the most important colonizers of the Americas, and had a rivalry with the Spanish. The English began colonizing in the late 16th century and came out on top when all their colonies were built through America. The Spanish conquered most of the Western Hemisphere, and their colonization attempts were started by the Spanish conquistadors. It all started with Christopher Columbus arriving in America in 1492. The Spanish settlements began with Cortes conquering the Native Americans of the South, Central, and parts of the Southwestern North America. The Spanish people wanted to find China to receive cultural exchange but ended up in an unknown land. With arms wide open they were received by the Natives. But the Spanish had a different idea of what to do with the Natives. As soon as the Spanish had the chance they over took the Indians and their land. Being violent, determined and religious people all the Spanish wanted was gold and fortune. Ultimately they wanted a more powerful and wealthy country. The Indians never knew disease until the Spanish brought them to there lands. They were healthy and very intelligent people. They also had enormous respect for their land. The most precious treasure they had was a crop, called corn. After eradicating a large portion of the Native American population, the Spanish began to intermarry into the Native American gene pool. The Spanish gave no human rights to the Native Americans, and the Spanish church begins to enforce slavery. The Native Americans had assimilation pushed upon them. They were forced to become part of the Spanish society and in doing...
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