Spanish & Russian Empires

Topics: Age of Discovery, Russian Empire, Mongol Empire Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: January 5, 2012
The age of exploration, a period of expansion for many Eurasian empires occured between 1450 and 1800. During this period both the Spanish and thep Russian empires were able to advance economically from their connections with societies westward. Both empires used some form of a labor system in order to support their social structures, despite the fact that where the laborers originated was different within the two empires. From a political standpoint, both empires were run under an autocratic government. This period was extremely crtical to the development of both the Spanish and Russian empires. 

Both the Spanish and Russian empires were goeverned by an autocratic body of government. The Russian empire was ruled by a czar, while the title of the head of Spain is a king. The set up of the government of the Spanish empire was probably was developed by the catholic church, while the Russians probably modeled their government after ideas borrowed from the west. From a pollitical standpoint the major difference between the empires was that the Spanish was a maritime empire while the Russian were a landbased empire. While the Spanish focused primarily on expanding overseas, the Russians felt it was better to expandm without traveling overseas. Since the Spanish also controlled land overseas they developed a system known as viceroyalty, where a govenor was put in place to oversee the control of the Spanish colonies in the new world. 

The Spanish and Russian empires both developed a similar social structure. At the bottom of social structure within both empires were the labor workers. Since both economies flourished based on agricultural successes, both societies required a group of people to work the lands. The Spanish relied primarily on forced laborers from outside of their colonies, typically consisting of slaves from Africa and the native Americans. Unlike the Spanish, the Russians looked towards locals to take part in a form of serfdom. Both the Spanish and...
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