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During our class election on the Stamp Act, I voted to enforce the Stamp Act on the colonial people. After a great class debate with many good points posed from each side of the argument I decided to stick with my initial point of view on the Stamp Act. After Britain fought a brutal war causing major debt in the country a tax on the colonies who want to be apart of Britain should not be complaining if they are being treated the same way that of those who live in Britain being ruled under parliament paying the same tax. There are many pieces of evidence that support the enforcement of the Stamp Act on the colonies.

As a farmer in Hertfordshire explains reasons why the colonists should not complain in document 8 he stated a main reason. The British saved these colonials from war, and hardship with their military protection. It is only right to help repay war debt to lose who helped protect, and save them from savages(document 8). It is only fair for the colonists to pay a tax to help the war debt for a war that benefitted them as well. If they did not have the British military the american colonists would have most likely been taken over by either the French or Spain. Without having the British army they could have lost everything including land, trade, and partnership with Britain. There is no way that the colonial army would have stood a chance against the French or Spanish armies. The colonists rather than complaining about the tax they should be be more than willing to pay it because they were protected by the military, and will be continued to be protected by them.

The colonial people have to realize if they want to be apart of a country than at some point they have to pay taxes just like every other British citizen. It would not be fair if people who live in Britain have been paying this tax already for quite some time. How would they feel knowing people in the americas do not have to pay a tax even though they are protected by the same army, and...
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