The Rabbits by Shaun Tan and John Marsden

Topics: The Europeans, Europe, White Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: August 7, 2008
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The Rabbits’ is a picture book addressing the suffering the aboriginals experienced at the time of European colonization. The ‘Rabbits’ presents these issues in such a way that it a story for all ages.

To being with the prominent part of the portrait is the white settler’s perception which is observed unmistakably in first glimpse, the picture of the striking sunset, buildings and houses serenely assembles next to one another. It is the aboriginal’s viewpoint being the truth is shown in the exterior of the painting that the Europeans are capturing owned land, Aboriginal land.

Following on the sentence “they didn’t live in trees like we did” entails bewilderment. The aboriginals don’t comprehend the approaching ‘intruders’. The font is handwritten, emphasizing extreme anxiety, the requirement for someone to depict their legend to. The possums suspended upon the tree branch exemplify the text. The words are deliberately situated in such a way that they symbolize the altitude of vegetation further accentuating its significance.

At observing the picture more closely we can conclude that where the aboriginals are sitting the sky is lighter compared to where the Europeans are placed implying that the lighter colour is the time the Aboriginals were familiar to before the invasion of the Europeans and the darker colour is the time of destruction for them.

There is a rodent consuming a goanna on white pavement in the corner of the opening. The rodent signifies a European while the goanna signifies an Aboriginal. Collectively both the goanna as well as the rodent represent the sad issue of the European overriding the Aboriginals since they have declared Australia as their own because the white pavement shows the Australians as they are white. To add to this the modest red flags in the opening underscore Europeans colonisation to a much higher extent.

The colour representation further enhances the audience to witness the European...
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