Urban Unrest in France

Topics: Colonialism, Revolution, United States Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: December 2, 2009
*Urban Unrest in France (Nov. 30th* Reflection)
The two articles both discussed the uprisings of young people in France due to racism and poverty on the outskirts of the mega city, which dates back to the history of colonialism. The first reading by Balibar (2007) the author addresses the riots in banlieues through categories such as: names, violence, post-colony, religion, race and class, citizenship/the Republic, and politics/anti-politics. Furthermore, the author answers important key words that are part of this progression of the revolt(s). For instance, the word ‘banlieues’ means setting apart and dividing one from another. Although the word is engrained recently with a bad connotation that involves the poor, ethnic minorities, unemployment, to name a few, it also symbolizes the very rich. The second reading concentrates on the reasoning behind the revolts occurring in France by looking at the geographical colonial history. This would then pin point if there is a geographical pattern of urban unrest throughout historywhich would determine the post-colonial present. The article by Balibar (2007) bears strength in explaining the current situation in the periphery areas of France and the reasons for young population revolting against the state. The spontaneous revolt was a class uprising in the banlieues and against contradiction of what globalization, citizenship and politics projected for the immigrants. The author clearly explains how a local phenomenon connects the struggles and exclusion transnationally touching base on the ideology of global cities. What occurs in one geographical area is now quickly known around the world due to globalization of information, economy and politics. Having said that, the article also carries weaknesses where lack of gender consideration and history of colonialism are not clearly explained. For example, the author does state that French subjects are excluded from citizenship, especially women yet no further elaboration...
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