Western Civilization: Midterm Questions

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Law Pages: 3 (555 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Western Civilization II
8 Monday 2013


Section 1: Identifications

Section 1. A

The three historically significant questions are:
1. Who am I?
2. Am I all I say I am?
3. Am I all I can be?

When I ask myself who am I? I can say that I am

Sometimes I think if am I all I say I am? Well, as time

Thus, am I all I can be? Not yet.

Section 1. B

Nobles 1986 Scientific Colonialism is the political control of knowledge and information for the purpose of control and regulation of population of people. It has three major parts:

1. Unsophisticated Falsification: E.g. Plagiarism; and/or erasing the historical origins of information and claiming it as your own.
2. Integrated Modifications: When information is culturally filtered it results in pre-conceived conclusions and/or a priori assumptions. For instance, known subject, distorted version of, concept, cultural filter, and original intent.

For example, in regards to Psychology for the Kemet, Psyche is the study of one’s spirit and soul. Spirit is the life force not religiosity. For the Europeans Psyche is the study of the mind. (Greeks/Romans)

3. Conceptual Incarceration: Means that there is only one correct worldview that defines all (it has universal application).

Section 1. C

All the major power characteristics of an Absolute Monarch are the following:
1. Absolutist monarchs sought control of the state’s armed forces and its legal system. For example,
2. Absolutist monarchs demanded the right to collect and spend the state’s financial resources at will. For example,
3. Absolutist monarchs to achieve these goals, they also needed to create an efficient, centralized bureaucracy that owed its allegiance directly to the monarch. 4. Absolutist Monarchs had absolute executive control. For example, 5. It was essential to the larger absolutist goal of weakening the special interests that hindered the free exercise of royal...

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