What Is An Empire

Topics: Colonialism, World War II, British Empire Pages: 4 (1505 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Survival of Imperialism
What is an empire? There is not a unique definition for this term because over the course of history empires took many different forms. However all empires possessed the common capacity to dominate and impose on others. The very first empires started with the emergence of communities and the motivation to conquer came with the need to survive harsh environments which prone those communities to routinely attack other living tribes in search of food and shelter. Progressively, the search for natural resources, the need to accrue wealth, and the desire to be a winning power substituted the basic necessities of early invasions’ objectives. Here if we had to draw a definition of empire, it could be understood as a set of territories under the dominance of one chief, one king or one president. The major tools of imperialism have been economic, military, racial, political, cultural and religious dominance. Nations that fall under the grip of other nations not only lost authority over their lands but also got ruled over and sometimes reduced to slavery. Hence, in this very specific context, the notion of empire opposes with federation which result from a compromise in between both nations. There have been many empires that came, exercised influence, lost power and fell under other superpowers. We can site as an instance the Acadian empire, the Assyrian empire , the Chinese empire , the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the French Empire and even the monolithic empire of the URSS. No specific civilizations really lasted as empires because no one can really afford the costly obligations to win wars. Here we can therefore, borrow from the idea of “Social Darwinism” to explain how the common ambitious motivation of Empires never led to fall of imperialism but allow it to adjust itself and survived through the years. Empire building comes at a very high price always associated with massive murders. If we use the Greek Empire as an example,...
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