What was the role of all colonial women

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During the colonial times in America, fight against the British, many people in the society played an important role in ensuring that their quest for freedom is achieved. The men were at the fore-front fighting against the colonialists. Some women to were part of the army that fought against the British. The women not only participated in the war, but also ensured that the men are very equipped for war through the various services that they provided. Everyone had a role to play, even the children.

1. What was the role of all colonial women (American, African American[slave and free black women], Native American), and how did their lives and activities transform during the Revolutionary period? Cite examples from the book. In the Revolutionary era, women were responsible for managing the household and the surrounding environment around them and their society’s as a whole. The patriot women continued with their culture of weaving and spinning their own cloth, using the available raw materials, into clothing for their families and the society. They acted as resistance towards the British by refusing to buy their goods which had been imported into the country such as silks, satins, and many more. This resistance sent a very strong message to the British – That the people in that society are united and not even their gifts or goods would break them apart. The women further showed their togetherness during the Edenton Tea Party, which was one of the first political actions by women in the colonies to resist the British. Boycotts were held all over the America to sensitize the people to support the American local goods and do away with the British products. Women are the ones who played a major role in sensitizing the public. This was evident when an agreement was signed that they should influence the society to buy the local goods and resist the foreign goods by the British. Women also played a huge role when they produced goods for soldiers. This enabled the...
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