William Bradford and John Smith Essay

Topics: Difference, Writing, Colonialism Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: September 13, 2011
William Bradford and John Smith comparison essay

Have you ever wondered whose hands our country was in at the start of our time? John Smith was one of the first American heroes. He was the first man to promote a permanent settlement of America. William Bradford was a Puritan who was courageous and determined to set up a colony where citizens could worship freely. Although both of these men were two of America’s heroes, they had more differences than known. John Smith and William Bradford had a common interest of getting others to join them in the settlement of the New World; they did for different reasons. Both Smith and Bradford shared similarities and differences with their relationship’s to their fellow settlers, their sense of community, and how God influenced them and their colonies. Towards William Bradford leaving the Church of England, he left the church because they believed it was corrupt; each all believed that every person needed to have the freedom to worship however they shall. During the voyage on to the New World, Bradford thanked God for everything that had happened on his travels. While the Pilgrims and the Puritans had their Thanksgiving feast, the Puritans prayed by thanking God that He gave them land for the freedom of worship. John Smith’s voyage on to the New World was how everything happened because of him; he explained how he took the credit for being a leader on traveling to the New World. When his whole crew on the ship became sick, as he wrote in his journal, he does not explain how he was feeling through on out; John made it seem that he was in control and acted like everything was fine with him. An example is when the Native Americans caught John and he tried to talk his way out of letting him go and ever since he talked to the Natives, they decided to let him go. He also, explained on how he helped them by being a leader; John Smith was a leader for his crew and they respected him throughout the trip. John Smith and William...
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