A Land as God Made It Review

Topics: Pocahontas, Colonialism, Chief Powhatan Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Book analysis: A Land As God Made It
Thesis: The establishment of the colony of Jamestown marked the beginning of a nation that would rise to the top of the global setting, far overpowering its mother country. Three main principles were the contributing factors to this beginning: Indian relations, the tenacity of the settlers, and the idea of Christianity. Argument #1: Indian relations plagued (and helped) Jamestown. The Powhatans at times would seem to be the worst enemy to the settlers; Wahunsonacock was a fierce leader, showing no regard for the settlers or others who opposed his ways. At other times they would help the colony thrive by bringing food or introducing new things into the colonists lives that can now be seen in mainstream America. 1.“Wahunsonacock mounted a surprise attack on neighboring Piankatants, who lived along the north bank of the river of the same name. First, he sent some of his men to lodge among them, then he surrounded their village and, at an appointed time, launched a swift and deadly attack. Two dozen men were slain. The women and children, along with the chief, were captured and presented to Wahunsonacock so that they could ‘doe him service’; and to intimidate visitors, the scalps of warriors were hung between two trees at Wahunsonacock’s residence at Werowocomoco.” (13) 2.“Taking up the settlers’ own tools and weapons, a slaughter of unimaginable proportions began at first light and carried on throughout the day.” (255) “347 settlers were bludgeoned, stabbed, or hacked to death.” (255) Argument #2: The tenacity of the settlers carried them through the hard times of obstacles that were presented to them. Whether they came in the form of attacks or capture by the natives or a harsh winter with little food, they showed continuing strength to overcome. Colonists (Americans) had the willingness to fight through all challenges put in front of them. 1.“Smith had the last laugh on Wahunsonacock. He knew full and well that...
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