A Model of Christian Charity & Letter to Philip Sidney

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A Model of Christian Charity & Letter to Philip Sidney
In 1630, John Winthrop a dedicated Puritan and English government worker published an essay to inform his followers of his solution to the problem if the corrupt Church of England. This solution in fact was moving to the New World. Richard Hakluyt, in 1582, sent a letter to Philip Sidney to inform of the great opportunities that can come form the exploration of the New World. The each believed the solution to their issues was to go and colonized North America.

Winthrop, as mentioned before is a dedicated Puritan, which are English citizens who believed that the Church of England was corrupt and needed to be “purified.” During this time period many Puritans and those of other religions were ridiculed and discriminated because of their faith. Many restrictions were placed on them, and additional taxes were added tot their income. Winthrop believed the only way to purify the church was to leave England now and begin a new way of life. In his essay describes his perfect society as the inhabitants begin one with God and each other. He implies that a move now is the best way to begin purification.

Hakluyt, and English writer and geographer saw many benefits form the colonization of the New World. With his background in geography he knew that North America would be filled with various types of raw materials and wild life. His letter gave examples of this variety mentioning the different types of wood such as cedar, oak, walnut and sundry. He explained how these resources would not only benefit the colonies but also benefit England. He believed the resources available would be able to be divided equally among the colonies and England. He also saw the financial benefits that they could come from colonization. Money was the most important reason for his propostion to colonize. Money was big factor in his argument.

In these essays both Winthrop and Hakluyt emphasized that the best way to receive their...
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