A Moral Recovery Program Chapter IV

Topics: Spain, Philippines, Colonialism Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: December 12, 2014

The events at EDSA in February 1986 not only ousted a dictator, but also demonstrated to the world and to ourselves our great strengths as a people. STRENGTHS OF THE FILIPINO CHARACTER
First example is being family oriented. Filipinos possess a genuine and deep love for the family. Second one is possesing joy and humor of Filipinos. We have a cheerful and fun-loving approach to life and its ups and downs. Third is having a flexibility, adaptability and creativity way of living. Filipinos have a great capacity to adjust, and to adapt to circumstances and to the surrounding environment, both physical and social. We, filipinos are known for hard work and industry. Filipinos have the capacity for hard work in given proper conditions. The desire to raise one's standard of living and to possess the essentials of a decent life for one's family. Helpfulness and generosity in times of need (pakikiramay), in the practice of bayanihan or mutual assistance, and in the famous Filipino hospitality. The faith of the Filipino is related to bahala na, which, instead of being viewed as defeatist resignation, may be considered positively as a reservoir of psychic energy, an important psychological support on which we can lean during difficult times. This pampalakas ng loob allows us to act despite uncertainty. Another strenght is our ability to survive. Filipinos have an ability to survive which is manifested in our capacity for endurance despite difficult times, and in our ability to get by on so little.

Our weaknesses are the following:
1. Extreme Personalism or taking things personally.
2. Extreme Family-Centeredness or too much concern for our family. 3. Lack of Discipline which often results in inefficient and wasteful work systems encompasses several related characteristics 4. Passivity and Lack of Initiative or having strong reliance on...
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