A Nations Past

Topics: Indigenous Australians, British people, England Pages: 6 (2423 words) Published: November 9, 2013
A nation past
For this assignment I have some interesting questions and some good statements to go thru. It is mainly about how a nation past has helped shaping their identity we see today. For this statement I´m starting off with just looking at Australia, and further on I will bring in some other countries so we can compare them together to either see the statement true or wrong. The Aboriginals is a great part of Australian history, but do people all over the world really know they lived in Australia before the British came? Are they apart of Australia’s identity today? Only one-way to find out, research, and that is what I´m going to do. To take a closer look and maybe find out more about this is by looking at how much of a multi-cultural society Australia really is. For the second part of the task, I will take a closer look at different nations to compare them to Australia´s past and identity. The country I will take a look at first are America. The British colonists found America, and quickly started settling, just like they did later in Australia. We are going to see if we can draw some lines between the two invasions and off course see how this has effected the identity we see today. Second up is Great Britain itself. I intend to discuss how their constant struggle of wanting to conquer the world has helped shaped who they are today. I´m going to compare other countries actions in war with all the wars Britain has been apart of. I also want to take a look at how all the exploring and colonisation has had an impact on the countries being colonised. Can we see British genes in their identity today? I have some good books to help me with research as well as some good Internet sources that I will reference to under way of the essay. Lean back and relax when you now reading about how a nation's past is a primary feature in the shaping of its identity and how a multi-cultural society can help us prove this either right or wrong.

One of the first things I have to talk about when it comes to Australia´s identity today is how my own perception of it was. I was eager to study at place with a lot of sun, as well as great beaches and some extreme sport. Australia had everything I could dream of. You have the big city life right behind the beautiful beaches and a great wildlife too. Now comes the honest part. I did not know anything about Australia´s past and their history with Britain. It has crossed my mind that it is kind of strange that people talk English down here, right by Asia. I had a clue that British people had colonies here, but could never imagine what they really did with all the Aboriginals. What I´m trying to say is that Australia´s identity now has nothing to do with the Aboriginals that were living her before. When you look at commercials and tourist guides of Australia you see long beaches, people surfing and the great wildlife over and under the sea. Australia´s identity has changed. They’re no longer a country that has been invaded by Britain, but more of a tourist vibe.

Before the British colonisation began there were only Aboriginals living in Australia. When I walk around the streets of Manly I don’t see any Aboriginals at all. In my eyes this is weird. There should be a diversity of different cultures. In the book Waiting for the Barbarians by J.M. Coetzee published in 1980 we can see how the Aboriginals were threated. As soon as they captured they were put to slavery in different frontiers when the first battles against the Aboriginals accrued. Later on we can see how they started to breed out the entire race of Aboriginals. In the movie Rabbit proof fence from 2002 we can see how one of the Englishmen in charge explaining how it takes three generations before an aboriginal young boy or girl transforms over time and gets the English genes. This is what we today call the stolen generation. They took kids from Aboriginal families and sat them in white homes, just so they could get rid of the...
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